Safety in Action Conference

26-27 October 2016   –   Antwerp, Belgium

safety in action

Safety in Action is about turning ideas into outcomes.

The Safety in Action Conference offers a unique networking and learning experience empowering individuals and organisations to create safer workplaces. How? By creating an engaging environment to learn new approaches and share best practices for employees at every level of an organisation, all focused on a common goal of achieving workplace safety excellence. The result is dynamic networking and discussion, provoking the kind of action that moves safety forward for everyone.

Why attend?

Experience a conference that has been tailored to help you find practical solutions to the organisational and process safety challenges you and your team are facing every day:

  • Expert guidance to build your safety process, and real life experience from industry experts
  • Extensive industry and peer networking at the Best Practices Showcase; a dynamic solutions sharing event
  • Interactive sessions addressing issues at all levels and focused learning for safety process development

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